Monday, November 14, 2005

US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton feels like OHG

Breaking news
US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton feels just like Oh Her God!
More details soon. Maybe.

US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton feels like OH HER GOD!
I am so terribly sorry for the delay, but working 9 to 5 is something our dear housewives can't even remember anymore!

Ho ricevuto innumerevoli domande riguardo al fatto per il quale io mi senta Oh My God. Non rispondo in questa sede, considerato il fatto che i miei collaboratori stanno scrupolosamente stilando una lista di FAQs. Vi rimando a quelle. A presto.



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Jami said...

Great blog! Too bad only comment spammers read it!

Mercedes Bresso said...

Io leggo questo blog e mica sono una comment spammer! AHHHHHH

J.Simpson said...

OH MY GOD. i really feel like OH YOUR GOD TOO.
I think your site is "irresistable" just like my Nick!
Take care haneeeeey

Patricia Stone said...

Dear Jami,
HONESTLY i think you should really keep your mouth shut. I'd rather buy a beautiful mirror if i were you.

Anonymous said...